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About Black Bear Title Company

Black Bear Title Company is a full service title company located at 6 Central Maine Crossing in Gardiner, Maine. Our attorneys and experienced and professional staff will assist you with all your real estate transaction requirements, whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, or engaging in a complex commercial transaction, come to Black Bear Title and let us provide you with professional, prompt and personal service.

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What We Offer

Borrower & Buyer Services

For individuals who are dealing with Lenders for whom our firm is acting as closing agent or for individuals whom we represent in the purchase or refinance of real estate.

Title Insurance

Black Bear Title and our attorneys are agents for First American Title Insurance Company, one of the nation's oldest title insurance companies and a leading innovator and provider of of title insurance products.

Whether your needs involve residential or commercial real estate, Black Bear Title and First American offer an array of coverages and policies to address your concerns and requirements.

Why Title Insurance?

The question is often asked by Buyers as to why they should require title insurance for any real estate they purchase. For Buyers of residential property their purchase often represents their largest and most important investment, a home. For a modest one-time premium paid at closing, Buyers obtain the security that hey are now covered for the rest of their lives against any claim against their title to their property that arose prior to their purchase. Examples of such issues include forgery in a deed in the chain of title, missing or omitted heirs in prior deeds, and easements across property that are not mentioned in current deeds.

For Buyers of commercial or investment property obtaining an owners policy of title insurance is simply part of a sound business practice.

A related second question is whether an attorney's title opinion protects a Buyer from all the types of claims covered by title insurance. The answer simply is "no." An owner's policy of title insurance provides coverage against claims and encumbrances against title that may arise regardless of whether or not the title to the property was correctly searched pursuant to Maine State Bar Association Standards. In an increasingly technology-driven age most title examinations are done over the internet. Errors in data entry result in name index errors and incomplete or erroneous title exam results. Undischarged mortgages or liens go unnoticed resulting in claims against title. These and many other bases for claims are covered by owner's title insurance policies.

Finally, at such time as an owner desires to sell their property, providing a copy of an owner's title insurance policy to their broker for disclosure to prospective purchasers simply helps to effectively market their property.

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